Finally, a field data solution that works. and the Dharma Bums understand the problems of trying to create data in the field, and more importantly, using it there. Read on to see how we solve these, and how you can make your next deployment a breeze.

Effortless and Comprehensive Data Capture’s easy-to-use data capture application allows you to collect numeric, categorical, currency, opentext, barcode, and image data with ease. You can even verify participants’ identity or consent by capturing their signature on your device. All of these features are available offline. And with our newly enabled mesh connectivity feature, your data instantly sync across devices for in-app project or case management, real-time dashboards, and after being securely backed up to the cloud can be shared around-the-world.*

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No connection? No problem.’s patented offline database technology and mesh network allow you to access your data anytime, anywhere, no connection needed. Have the latest data at your fingertips, even when there’s no cell tower in sight.

Staff Tracking & Project Management

Instantly see where your team is deployed, when they’re working, how quickly they’re making progress, and even audit the quality of their work using the integrated project management and staff tracking features of

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Best-In-Class Security & Compliance maintains the highest security standards, encrypting your data in motion and at rest, separating data from its form. Keeping up with the latest in security, maintains an active bug-bounty program, keeping your data secure from emerging threats.

Data Cleaning

No more expensive consultants or epic searches through spreadsheets to find the answers you need. When you use, any data that you bring—whether via our capture application, our API, or our bulk data ingestion tool—will be automatically cleaned, beautifully merged, and easy to use for secondary analysis.

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High Availability Data

When your data are stored on, you can rest easy knowing your important information is safe, secure, and accessible at any moment. Data in is also fully auditable, allowing you to recreate the state of your dataset from any point in time.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

As soon as you create your project, goes straight to work building out all the tools you need to collect, manage, and learn from your data. Up-to-the-minute dashboards and mobile apps let you do primary analysis on your field-level data in real time.

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Operations Management with Real-time Data allows you to define indicators across one individual projects or a global organization. When your data goes outside of normal bounds, or if special conditions (such as a disease outbreak) arise, will raise the alarm and make sure that everyone who needs to know knows.

Data Pipeline Integrations

Using’s data pipeline APIs you can stream data into and out of our system in order to satisfy any use case or analytic need, no matter how complex. No more being trapped inside of your platform. frees you to find what you need from your data, wherever, whenever, however.

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