Close the gap between data, insight, and action with

When you’re managing multiple teams, the longer it takes to process and analyze information, the harder it is to know if you’re having the impact you want. lets you easily understand what’s going on across all your projects so you can make confident decisions in a complicated world.  

Bad Data? Bad Decisions.

Using inaccurate or poor quality data results in flawed insights and decision-making. Bad data, incomplete data, and slow data are all your enemies when you’re trying to make mission critical decisions. What if you could be sure you had the best data?

How do you scale with balance?

As you scale, there’s the need to balance speed with consistency in data collection and reporting. Beyond adding people, you’re dealing with multiple languages, different time-zones, and the ever-fun instrument version control. What else could you accomplish if you didn’t have to worry about these problems?

Slow reports don’t work with fast-changing situations.

When you’re managing teams across a country, keeping connected is tough. It’s even worse when you have to travel to headquarters an ocean away. What if you could keep up with what your field teams were doing up to the minute?

Buried under mountains of useless data?

So many times, we end up with so much data that it’s tough to know what really matters. Maybe you’ve got data coming in from four projects across twelve teams in three provinces. How can you possibly know what’s going on? manages the data. You get to manage your program.

Improve dataset quality, improve results.

Through inbuilt data validity checks and forensic audit capabilities, helps your dispersed teams avoid inadvertent errors so you can make better program decisions. Securely and accurately capture all forms and types of data on any device online or off, and leave the heavy lifting of data cleansing to us.

Manage at scale across sites and teams.

With you don’t have to compromise. Rapid form creation and deployment, multi-language capabilities, and our 24/7 remote support team get you moving fast. also provides centralized control, helping you manage data and admin processes effectively while enabling collaboration across teams.

Tap into the value of ground-truth data. keeps your projects and teams connected—no matter how remote or challenging the location. Our patented algorithms let field personnel capture and verify data with or without Wi-Fi or cellular coverage. Even offline, you can still manage projects and see results in real time on-the-go thanks to our mesh technology. Maintaining the feedback loop with front-line workers has never been easier.

Instant visibility into the data that matters most takes the guesswork out of performance reporting. Our custom metric selection tool helps you identify the right metrics for your project. Our flexible advanced results feature means you’re not limited by the number of metrics you can measure at once. Nobody likes making decisions in the dark. We make sure you won’t have to.

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