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Today, Life Sciences enterprises are handling more data than ever. With data growing at nearly 40% percent per year, managing files, documents, and images from multiple sources can be overwhelming and unwieldy for even the largest teams.

But the challenge isn’t just where to store all your hard-won data—it’s also about how the enterprise is able to act on data. Cutting out non-essential data while ensuring relevant data is shareable, easily managed, and protected is at the heart of what Dharma offers to clients all over the world.

  • Ensure. You’ll have authorized, secure, and seamless access to your projects from concept to deployment.
  • 24/7 data access. So you’ll always be able to quickly pinpoint trends and insights.
  • Create. Build and deploy a flexible infrastructure across an increasingly complex landscape with automated recovery and disaster readiness (and view your data even when you’re out of network range).

Guiding Action for Progress

Change is constant in Life Sciences, and navigating towards measurable improvements in client relations requires perspective and focus. Dharma facilitates a rich, customizable curation of datasets, allowing the deployment of projects that focus on the pragmatic applications of your practice.

With increased access to up-to-date information comes immense opportunities to generate better solutions that can produce sizable, positive results in your areas of focus.

  • Quick reporting. For changing regulatory compliance needs.
  • A living dashboard. Chart and forecast product success.
  • Accurate data. So you and your team can confidently make the shift from insight to action.

Secure Collaboration

With success and value tied to patient outcomes, every pharmaceutical enterprise needs a thorough understanding of their patient populations to ensure compliance. With our uniquely intuitive and HIPAA-compliant service, Dharma is uniquely positioned to help you form partnerships, reduce the need for clinical trials, and reach that next big milestone.

  • Access. Give researchers real-world experience data to better target their concerns.
  • An intuitive interface. Easily manage project permissions and access, so all relevant parties have a comprehensive view of your work.
  • Seamless integration. Dharma is able to ingest your historical data, so it’s simple to turn older insights into a predictive analysis.

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