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Global scale programs are a special challenge. Tracking and reporting results at the impact level can be expensive, time-consuming, and technically complex. improves program performance reporting so you can convincingly demonstrate results.

Data scattered to the four winds?

Scattered, disparate data sources limit your ability to scrutinize operations and results. Scattered data means more money spent on data cleaning and data science, less money spent on your programs. What if you could get everything in one place?

Total Cost of Ownership a Total Bummer?

Inefficient data management puts real dollars at risk. Custom built solutions mean more money for hosting and maintenance, challenging update processes, and distracting valuable resources from your core mission. What if you could budget your data solution up front?

Making sense beyond dollars and cents?

As competition for funding increases, demonstrating impact with numbers and figures can make all the difference. Proving impact when you’re trying to change the world can mean the difference between a lifesaving grant, and suspending operations. What if there were an easy way to show impact?

Another day, another ICT4D headache.

It seems like every day the headlines feature another high-profile “hack.” How long until your organization is the one targeted? Inadequate data protection and management can put your organization and mission at risk. What if you didn’t have to worry? unlocks the value in your organizational data without breaking the bank.

Unify siloed program data.

Bring together data across your programs and across platforms. Dharma’s API and integration tools handle all sorts of data - including structured, semi-structured and unstructured data - into one central platform. An S3 bucket with IoT sensor data, DHIS2, PostgreSQL, or a Dropbox full of Excel files? We’ve got you covered.

No consultants. No code. Instant action. offers easy access to all the benefits of technology without having to worry about building, maintaining, and operating the infrastructures involved. Concerned about the cost of updating your instruments and the hassle of distributing them to the field? Don’t be.

Manage to the Triple Bottom Line

Whether you manage to the SDG targets, IRIS metrics, or your own homegrown benchmarks, our results dashboards beautifully display your programmatic outcomes. And when you’re ready, generates automated reports in a variety of formats, helping you stand out from the crowd.

Best in Class Security & Encryption’s SaaS architecture means you don’t have to worry about backups, infrastructure bills, or patching security updates. Our security and encryption capabilities mean you don’t have to sacrifice productivity for peace of mind. GDPR-compliant data processing and storage and optional two factor identification ensure your mission-critical data is protected, available and accessible anytime, anywhere.

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