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Dharma allows each team to personalize and manage their entire mission from one location.


Whether you need to conduct a one-time assessment, or create weekly summary reports, Dharma lets you build comprehensive, flexible forms effortlessly.


Your work benefits from living data. As soon as information is aggregated, you can get the accurate story of what’s happening at a glance on any device.


Analyze: Organize forms, set parameters, and compare data sets. Our intuitive dashboard helps you get a full view of the information most relevant to your work.

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Inform and Empower

Streamline every step of your team’s journey from concept to completion. Dharma is an end-to-end, HIPAA-compliant cloud-based service that ensures your reporting is accurate and secure. Join humanitarian organizations all over the world who use Dharma to save lives, track crucial supplies, secure sensitive information, and manage teams both remotely and in-person. We put 24/7 analysis at your fingertips, so you can reference your work anytime, on any device. Keeping everyone on your team up-to-date and on task has never been easier.

Save time. Save effort. Save lives.

Replace cumbersome and inefficient paper-based processes. Design, implement, manage, scale, and use information from the bottom-up, offline or online. Actionable data allows for rapid feedback and preventative measures – so you’ll be able to make informed decisions faster. Get a jump on your project without worrying about code, connectivity, or hidden costs. With Dharma, there’s no limit to the reach of your work.

See the Full Story of Your Data

Get live data and share new insights – even when you’re away from the office. Edit and deploy any data set at your convenience and view your collection on any device. Dharma lets you customize forms, connect with your team, and answer queries confidently.

  • Move on your research: review trends over time and quantify your results. Organize data by sites, teams, and even individual collectors.
  • Stay in the know: track staff performance in line with duty-of-care principles to conduct focused analysis on areas that emerge as problems.
  • Own your data: your hard work is always safe. We meet and exceed compliance standards for HIPAA, USFDA, and ISO 27001-27008 controls.

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