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Turn your data into powerful, positive solutions for your patients and your team. Dharma lets you stay informed and ahead of challenges.

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Dharma’s intuitive setup works right out of the box, so you don’t have to wait to start building a powerful records system tailor-made for your research.

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We have a world-class help department that is ready to guide you through any issue. So no need to exhaust resources looking into IT specialists or contractors.

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Patients need monitoring, medication management, and routine check-ups. Now you can streamline the data collection process for busy home health aides.

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Elite Security and Functionality for Everyone

Acting on massive amounts of patient data isn’t easy, especially when you’re dealing with multiple facilities and ever-changing providers. Dharma puts all your research at your fingertips for clear, actionable insight. Our HIPAA compliant database lets you collect, refine, and access medical records on any device. And best of all, you can see all your progress on your phone on or offline.

Collaborate with Ease

Today’s healthcare networks rely on information from their hospitals and clinics to ensure that they’re providing high-quality care to the people they serve. But collecting data on population demographics, treatments provided, and outcomes across a region can be a challenge – especially when different types of facilities are involved. With Dharma, it’s easy to monitor hospitals, clinics, and mobile healthcare centers, whether they’re around the corner or around the globe.

Connect with Confidence

Continuously refine your view of patient data. Curate clear, practical reports and monitor the metrics relevant to your team. Share your insights with hospitals, clinics, and mobile healthcare centers, whether they’re around the corner or around the globe. Dharma keeps you and your team coordinated and on track.

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