Focus on your mission, not on paperwork.

Using data efficiently is critical to your success, especially when you’re just starting out. gives you the tools to securely manage your operational data and show results to stakeholders. No messes with paper or spreadsheets. No need to hire consultants or invest in custom software. Just sign up and go.

Need to be data driven?

Whether you’re looking for funding, or bootstrapping, you need to be able to see and understand your operational and monitoring data. Being data driven can mean the difference between winning and losing a grant. Why make it harder than it needs to be?

Double Entry? Double Mistakes.

Paper or Excel might seem the easy way to start tracking data, but it’s false economy. When you transcribe data from paper to a spreadsheet, you double your chances to make mistakes. Why do double work?

MERL activities making you mrrrrrr?

It’s not enough to collect data and monitor activities. The collation, analysis, and research of the data you generate consumes time that can be used for the more important part of your job — using what you learn to improve. Why not save a few steps?

More People in the field, more expenses.

When you scale your project, the problems scale too. More people, more data, more problems. It’s challenging enough to scale your program and help more people. Why not find software that helps you scale, and not one that tries to squeeze your wallet? gives you all the power you need, at a price that fits your budget.

Start off on the right foot

You CAN get started with data in the right way, without consultants, without hassle, for now and for the future. was designed by field data practitioners and experts to solve the problems of field data management and usage at every scale.

Save a Step. Save a tree. eliminates the inefficient, and error-prone processes of paper recording and data entry from the outset, allowing you to securely and accurately capture your data without heavy investments of time or money.

Data that tells your story.

Today, storytelling is key to making your project stand out from the crowd. takes you one step further with features that let you share and embed live, interactive dashboards in your own websites. When you bring MERL data to life, you can move the needle.

Unlimited Users. Unlimited Forms. Unlimited Data.

You read that right. Unlimited users. Unlimited data. understands the challenges of scale. gives you the flexibility to adapt and scale without being limited by the number of users you can add to a project or the number of records you can collect.

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