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In the end, our story is not about our work but rather how Dharma.ai empowers others to change the world. Are you ready to work together to build a brighter tomorrow? Let’s chat!

Current Openings

Why Dharma.ai?

At Dharma.ai, you’ll be working alongside a fun-loving cadre of other passionate, innovative collaborators. We’re looking for people to join the team who are as excited as we are to move our customers forward and change society through actionable data. New ideas are welcome and so are you.

Workplace Nirvana

Dharma.ai is a workplace where dynamic personalities can thrive. And like any good team, we operate democratically, allowing you to arrange a schedule that meets your needs. In short, you’ll be the one making your hours and setting your goals. You can have the freedom to live the life you want, while producing work that excites you. Sounds good, right?

So, Here’s the Deal

We hire self-starters who require minimal management. Your performance and vision are what matters. And if that’s a philosophy you can get behind, check out our open positions below.

Current Openings

Product 4 openings
DevOps / IaaS (Cloud) Lead D.C. Apply Now
Full Stack Developer (Mid-Senior) D.C. Apply Now
Mobile Lead Engineer (React Native) D.C. Apply Now
UI/UX Designer D.C. Apply Now

What are people saying?

UI/UX Designer

Dharma.ai is the world’s first global impact database company. We help organizations of all shapes and sizes manage their data to gain actionable insight for data-driven decisions, to communicate results, and to prove impact in real time. Using Dharma.ai, social entrepreneurs, NGOs, government funders, foundations, and social enterprises get an enterprise-grade platform to master all of their data, tying together activities at the field level to operational decisions and outputs at the program level, and impact outcomes at the global level. Dharma brings these stakeholders together, from the frontline to headquarters to investors, enabling dialogue that was never before possible. Most importantly, Dharma.ai does the hard work of wrangling data so that you can do what you do best. 

We’re looking for a world-class designer who can help us build and continue to advance Dharma, a software platform developed for collecting, sharing, and analyzing data in the most difficult settings on earth. Our platform is designed to be accessible to users with little to no technical knowledge, and we need someone who can work with us to create and code a user experience that’s simple, reliable, and fast.

Dharma has both a web portal and a cross-platform, online/offline mobile app. You’ll be working across our technology from our web and mobile user interfaces through to our data storage.

**This position is on site at our office in Washington, DC. Remote candidates will not be considered. US work authorization is required.**

Required Skills

  • Application design experience, not website design experience
  • In-depth familiarity with HTML5, CSS3
  • In-depth knowledge of various design and user paradigms in iOS and Android
  • Familiarity with the React / React Native “component based” way of thinking
  • Use and knowledge of wire framing and prototyping tools like Sketch
  • A proven ability to understand the user journey and design simple experiences for complex tasks
  • Know how to use and leverage concepts like CSS animations, parallax, and WebGL to make a superior experience
  • Experience in working with large development teams to design in a way that can be readily built
  • Experience in working with large development teams to make sure that what is build is in conceptual alignment with what has been designed.

Desirable Additional Skills

  • Familiarity with the work of Tufte and other top thinkers on data visualization and the presentation of complex data sets
  • Familiarity with the concepts of statistics and data science, specifically around how we learn about a dataset by inspecting it, and the various “shapes” of data
  • Experience in designing data management and visualization tools

About Dharma.ai:

Dharma.ai is the world’s first global impact database. Based in Washington, DC with offices in London and Bangalore, Dharma.ai’s SaaS enables individuals and organizations working in an impact context to accomplish their mission and prove their results with unprecedented speed. Dharma.ai works with groups at all levels of the global impact sector, including some of the world’s most influential global organizations and has been featured in Nature, National Geographic, TechCrunch, and Scientific American.