Dharma.ai is passionate about data

Data that are easier to create. Data that are easier to review. Data that are easier to analyze. Data that are easier to understand. Read on to learn the dharma of Dharma.ai.

Dharma.ai means Good Data

Good Data means Looking Ahead

We strive to learn from our shared experiences and focus on how we can be better tomorrow, and not to worry about who is to blame for the mistakes we made yesterday.

Good Data means Learning

When we think about data, we meditate on what can be learned. Is there a deeper truth that explains these data? Dharma.ai concentrates on what the data can tell us about the data.

Good Data Saves Lives

Data means the difference between O+ and AB-, it means the difference between supplies being dispatched to Damascus, Syria or Damascus, Maryland. Good Data saves lives, plain and simple.

Good Data is for Everyone

Good data is meant to be accessible, it’s meant to be shared, it’s meant to underpin the truth of the world around us. Data should not be locked in the ivory tower or in the boardroom. Especially since Good Data saves lives, Good Data is for everyone.

Mission Driven

We believe that accessible, transparent data can make the world a better place. Whether that means understanding how violence is affecting a disadvantaged population, or understanding your supply chain, better data are the answer.

Do Good. Do Well.

Although Dharma.ai is a technology company, we strongly believe that we can do well by doing good, and by doing right by those who also seek to do good in this world. We work to build the best tools for the toughest problems.

Elegance. Beauty

Ask a mathematician, and she will tell you that you know you have uncovered a fundamental truth when you reach a beautiful solution. At Dharma.ai, we believe that the world’s toughest problems deserve the world’s most elegant solutions.

Passionate Learners

At Dharma.ai, we believe that we learn from everyone around us, the CEO learns from the Intern, and the Intern learns from the CEO, and everywhere in between. We strive to learn from the most diverse chorus of voices available.

Meet the Team

Idriss Ait-Bouziad
David Barros
John Boyle
Joe Brilliant
Kristen Clark
Savannah Dysard
Robel Kassa
Sadaf Khan
Joy Kim
Whitney Kim
Chaitanya Kopparthi
Dan Krawec
Agastya Mondal
Sharath Muniraju
David Muse
Stefan Nagey
Midhun C. Nair
Rekha Paramesh
Katy Pullen
Nitish Raj
Frank Risso
Satish Sathya
Samuel V. Scarpino
Kirti Anand Singh
Neeraj Suthar
Vimala Thiyagarajah
Bella Woo