Good Data Saves Lives. enables global organizations to efficiently and immediately maximize impact. With our patented data ingestion, online collaboration, and offline capabilities, Dharma allows users to rapidly design programs to collect data, anywhere, anytime and quickly make informed decisions.

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No connection? No problem.’s patented offline database technology and mesh network allow you to access your data anytime, anywhere, no connection needed. Have the latest data at your fingertips, even when there’s no cell tower in sight.

Focus on your work, not IT management.’s intuitive, user-centric web app lets you create beautiful and intuitive experiences for case management and data creation that work on Android, iOS, and the web with the click of a button. All secure, all without consultants, and all in minutes.

Data scientist in a box.

As soon as data flows into your projects, instantly renders beautiful, easy-to-use dashboards--giving you real-time access to information that you can filter, sort, and cross compare. It’s like having a real-time data scientist everywhere you go--from the office to the field.

Instant Updates. Instant Feedback.

No more frantic midnight calls to your consultants or IT department when the homemade data app can't handle Pashto on an old Android tablet. No more fretting over which translation of "wastewater" is best. Change any aspect of your data universe instantly, and roll out changes to your whole team with no downloads, no app updates, no headaches.