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Dharma, the First Personal Computer for Data

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Could you imagine having to build your laptop before you use it? No? Neither could we. So, with the world’s first PC for data, no more building and no more tools. One thing. Dharma.

Until now, you’ve had to buy one tool to capture information, another tool to store it, and yet another to analyze it. Not to mention security software and the need to put all the pieces together. And for you Excel users, you felt this pain the minute you opened your second ‘tab.’

Well, just like when Steve(s) Jobs and Wozniak put together those complicated hardware pieces and made the world’s first friendly personal computer, we put together and automated all of the complex data tools, statistical algorithms, and data visualization software to create the world’s first ‘data PC.’

With Dharma, you’re two clicks away from never wrestling with your data again. Simply log in, then select a project that meets your needs. Sorta like picking a record at a record shop. Whether you’re an architect, a zookeeper, or anything in-between, Dharma has the data projects for you.

For folks out there that want to build their own web, mobile, and cloud apps, we got you. Dharma’s end-to-end ‘Data PC’ allows you to select and build stuff with no special training needed. We know you’re probably not a data scientist, and that’s okay.  All of the hard stuff’s automated. And just like your data, you own every project you build.

Applied in the right direction, Big Data can help save time, help others, and gain incredible new perspective on the world. But access to Big Data has largely been limited to the top tiers of huge enterprises. Up until now.

Dharma liberates information for teams of all sizes. So you can see the same benefits as those huge corporations, while following through on your own unique mission. 

The ability to build, use, and share projects from around the world gives every team, of every size, the power of Big Data. That’s just one reason why some of the world’s largest organizations, across 30 countries on four continents, dig Dharma.

And we’re just getting started.

For the folks out there running a business, Dharma has a few special tools for you. From rapid prototyping to AI-driven data cleansing and legacy system migration, we’ve got some powerful data science solutions.

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Client Stories

People around the world use Dharma to collect data, manage projects, and discover incredible new perspectives on their work. Some of our fans are doctors and scientists. Some of them are painters and photographers. They all use Dharma to entirely different ends, but they all agree that the democratization of data is very, very cool.

Check out what they have to say.

"Dharma is user-friendly and has streamlined our work from the field to the office, giving us additional time that we can apply helping more families in hurricane disaster recovery."

Edwin Hensley, Manager of Construction Technologies & Safety Habitat for Humanity International

"In emergencies, combining sources of information in order to make sense of them is crucial. A platform like Dharma streamlines that process, helping turn information into knowledge."

Dr. Richard Garfield US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

"It’s amazing to be able to watch data entered and analyzed in real time."

Sara Molyneux Medair

"The Dharma platform has enabled us to effectively record and monitor projects in the field. The offline application and the simplicity of forms have strengthened our ability to record data and generate reports more efficiently. In addition, our field teams have been able to count on Dharma staff, who have made themselves available to handle all technical issues we have faced."

Naomi Boase Lutheran World Federation

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